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Here's what students are saying...

"My experiences are so potent and profound! I feel spiritually connected and I experience pure ecstasy and have been alive with this new high frequency ever since. So it get’s better. Amazing!” 

- Mary Smith, California

"I was bed ridden with a neck and shoulder injury, the pain was unbearable even with painkillers. Since taking the Come to The Edge! course, there has been so many incredible transformations. From health issues healing and the craziest of manifestations coming to fruition.“

- Ulanda Kay-Coleman, Canada

"This journey has really made a difference in what I feel is possible! My relationship with myself has transformed, bringing me more confidence, courage, opportunities and better connections with others.”  

- Kelly Walker, USA 

"I Found Joshua Bloom and his work remarkable! I am noticing such profound changes after experiencing "Being Quantum™" and the different exercises that Joshua is presenting. I feel like I am a different person altogether. My Identity has changed!“

- Kari Arneberg, Norway

"My personal transformation ... Eradicating physical pain as well as limiting beliefs, all cleared on a cellular level. I applaud Joshua Bloom on his development of this modality and his great teaching ability!“  

- Niki Flessas, Wisconsin


"The material Joshua teaches us is truly transformational. I found myself opening up to possibilities that I had never been open to before and as a result of that I experienced amazing things. As you go through the program you truly evolve and learn how to help your clients evolve and transform.”

- Jan Firstenberg, New York


We respect your privacy. We will NEVER sell, rent or share your email address.