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LifeForce Awakening™ Certification Program


OCTOBER 7th & 8th, 2017 | NEW YORK CITY

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  • of confidence wash over you as you notice the power you have to heal  
  • of healing yourself and increasing revenue, helping others create fast transformations  
  • when you reach your destiny, to be “healthy, happy and strong” 
  • when you become unstoppable and live your life fully alive  
  • when you hone your skills, enhance your healing power and feel so jazzed about “you”


LifeForce Awakening™ 

Join us on Saturday, October 7th and Sunday, October 8th. Network with other like-minded professionals who want to be the first to experience this new model for healing! Come for this life shifting, life lifting experience.

DISCOVER THE MISSING LINK IN THE HEALING INDUSTRY How to Heal Yourself Quickly IF NOT Instantly, and help others do the same

If you’re feeling overwhelmed, frustrated, or emotionally raw, you will find this experience profoundly transformational. You’ll leave in a calmer, more thoughtful and peaceful state that will have you feeling fully alive, elated and limitless. 

Discover how to heal yourself and others with life force energy through the Quantum and Morphic fields as you heal the entire body all at once. Experience it for yourself, and be the first to become certified in this exclusive healing modality: LifeForce Awakening™. 

Through this one of a kind experiential weekend, you’ll create personal transformation, discover healing secrets never offered before and receive your first level certification. Help others transform their lives too! Join us on Saturday, October 7th and Sunday, October 8th so that you can be the first to obtain this certification, increase your revenue and experience life lifting, life shifting freedom.  

About LifeForce Awakening™

Everyone can benefit from LifeForce Awakening™, a powerful modality with a large toolbox designed to help you easily transform yourself and others in the blink of an eye. It's proven to release stagnant energy, old patterns and energies associated with stress, fear and energies related to other emotional and physical issues. LifeForce Awakening also infuses your cells with the highest vibrational energies that lead to joy, balance, the feeling of being excited about life and ultimately awakening.  

The best part is that no matter where you are on your spiritual journey, you can benefit from the enlightened energy, processes and tools. LifeForce Awakening is advanced information, yet easy to learn and perform. Everyone from a novice to advanced spiritual practitioners like reiki masters and energy medicine practitioners will enjoy a new tool kit and a modality that really works. As one practitioner explains, It's easier to use Joshua’s program than it is to figure this out on your own! Joshua has done the work for you. His guidance and expertise helps you become a master of the work quite quickly and easily. It’s well worth the time and investment.


The Medical and Therapy Models work from the perspective that we need to fix a problem. I call this the ‘Fix It Model’ This model presupposes that we are all broken and need fixing. The tools used in this model are strategic in nature, used as a means to combat the body or mind, rather than work with the body and mind to come to a positive outcome. The main tools in these models are taking medication and surgery, which are low levels of change in comparison to a Quantum Model. Working at this low level of change can either take a long time to reach resolution or is invasive and has lots of side effects.  

From the Quantum Model perspective through LifeForce Awakening™, we work at much higher levels of change such as identity, spirituality and purpose. When you work at these higher levels of change in our unique system for transformation, we work in alignment with how the body works, instead of fighting the body and blaming it for not working correctly. As we work, we shift in the higher perspectives of identity to become a person who NO LONGER requires the “problem.” If ‘who you are’ changes, then everything, physical, emotional and energetic changes about you as well. This allows the body to use its innate intelligence to heal itself quickly and many times instantly. When you shift your ‘Beingness,’ everything shifts at one time in the moment. This creates a whole body shift, raising your energy vibration while releasing the lower energies that hold you back and cause havoc in your life.  

Evolving your beingness allows you to:

  • Create improved health and wellbeing for yourself and others
  • Experience the peace of your new ‘beingness’
  • Welcome a more balanced and aligned life
  • Raise your energy and vibrational frequencies
  • Explore and connect with your most inner self
  • Release negative emotions 
  • Revive your energy by releasing stress
  • Relaxation increases as you open yourself to life force energy
  • Bloom with happiness and wellbeing
  • Harness your vision and find focus
  • Elevate calm and radiate peace 
  • Give yourself freedom and energy 
  • Welcome spiritual influences

  • Achieve a greater sense of understanding and awareness
  • Protect yourself from negative energy and feeling stuck
  • Share your love filled spirit with others
  • Rejuvenate and connect with your intuition
  • Propel yourself forward and feel your enlightenment

 This means you will benefit from:

  • Enhanced intuition
  • Better concentration and focus
  • Create more balanced relationships
  • The ability to stop bad habits, such as smoking or eating junk food
  • Increased abundance
  • Becoming unstoppable and limitless  
  • Improved concentration
  • Better health
  • Feel calmer and confident dealing with your children
  •  Easy weight loss

  • Get your creative juices moving 
  • Feeling stronger and more empowered  
  • Sleep more fully and feel rested 
  • Greater vitality
  • Have a more full connection with yourself

You will benefit from all the checkmarks above so that you will live limitless and be fully alive in your business and in life. You’ll be more balanced, experience less emotional pain, and increase your revenue.


YOU CAN HAVE IT ALL! Yes, there is a healing modality that’s easy to learn, simple to perform and produces truly profound healing results. You’ll be able to start using these amazing tools right away and easily put them into your healing toolbox for whenever you require them. Use them for yourself or help others transform right before your eyes.  

I’M A BIG BELIEVER IN EASY! Because this is not a strategy based program that works sometimes and not others, you’ll be able to tackle huge goals and feel like you truly have healing powers. This is the power of LifeForce Awakening™.  

I'll teach you how to create massive transformation in minutes, and discover your new possibilities!!  

OCTOBER 7th & 8th, 2017 NEW YORK CITY 



Get the early bird pricing and SAVE $300 within the next 7 days

Got questions? Give us a call! We'd love to chat with you! 1 (201) 360-2059 

 Due to the Nature of this Offering, there will be no refunds. All Sales are final.


First Level Certification in LifeForce Awakening™

  • your first step to activating your healing powers
  • be the first to experience this breakthrough in the healing industry
  • an amazing opportunity to go deeper with energy work to create fast results 
  • you'll shift your energy with ease and finally become emotionally free
  • receive first hand knowledge of ground breaking tools only available in this Program
  • you'll experience your energy vibrating and moving like you've never have before


  • Training Essentials For Certification: To prepare for your live training, I have created a series of bonus videos that will teach you the essentials you need to know in order for you to be proficient in the processes of LifeForce Awakening™. Starting at the basic level with “Quantum Healing Essentials for Your Spirit” and “Strengthening Your Energy by Grounding Your Beingness” to the advanced work of “Getting to The Rood With Past Life Quantum Healing™. These 13 videos will get your feet with with the work while preparing you to have a successful live workshop experience. 13 Power Videos - $497 Value  
  • Master Your Beingness: In this live training call, I will teach you how to be fully present in your body and how to live your life from this way of being to live a life of joy with confidence and abundance. You will learn to master your deep connection to your higher self and in turn really understand how to access the Quantum Field for fast and easy transformation. You will fully understand how to be in alignment with the universe as a means for healing, transformation and manifestation. Discover the secrets to having anything you choose to have come right to you with ease and live an abundant life now. Live Online Training - $997 Value  
  • Time Limited Bonus: This Bonus Disappears on September 3rd 2017: In this live training call, I will show you how to create and lead a Guided Connection™ for Instant Transformation. A Guided Connection™ is one of the most effective ways to experience LifeForce Awakening™. It’s a delivery method for fast if not instant healing and transformation. Although it’s simple to experience a Guided Connection™, making them for yourself or leading someone else through one can be a tricky endeavor. I will teach you how to simplify the process, teach you the skill you need to create and lead a guided connection that is sure to get fast healing results. This process will be quite useful as a practitioner and help you help others, your family or even yourself to shift your biggest issues. I will show you how to eliminate your stuck issues and transform your life easily live on this call. Live Online Training - $997 Value  

Here’s What Graduates Are Saying… 

"Words can't express my infinite gratitude to you, Thank you so much for this energetic, transforming and evolving weekend!

The powerful wisdom you shared and your great generosity were off the charts. I have released so much issues that I thought they were not present any more. 

Best of all I feel so much happiness and joy. Thanks Joshua for your thoughtfulness and for creating one more possibility to transform our lives." 

- Priscila Chagoya, United States

“Dear Divine Joshua! Thank you very much for the amazing healing energy and guidance!  

My head went though a hurricane for a minute, and I seemed to be emotional, but it was all healing cry, and I was actually happy to get rid of the old stuff!  

There was a big joy somewhere, it was amazing! I, again, deeply appreciate your healing and guidance.  

Thank you so very much!! Love you !!" 

- Liyako Matsuda, United States

"Thank you for the live event! A lot of miracles happened at the live event. I can feel it myself and I can see others experiencing miracles.  

In Quantum it is normal that Miracles happen! As a realist in Quantum I expect miracles to happen – and they do. Both for me and others. After the live event I am so peaceful..

When I came home my husband wondered what wife it was that came home to him. He said: In a way you are new and in another way I recognize you from when we first got married."  

- Marija Stråt , Sweden


JOSHUA BLOOM Quantum Healing Expert | Emotional Freedom Master

Joshua transformed his life with an amazing process that has helped transform the lives of thousands of people. He has been helping men, and especially women, transform their lives for the past 20 years. Now he wants to help you shift your energy and change your life by using his healing secrets.

The Trusted Authority on the application of Quantum Healing, and the Host of "Emotionally Free TV,” Joshua Bloom is featured on the front page of The Washington as one of the first coaches ever to be featured in the mainstream media.

Joshua has developed his own healing modality called Quantum Energy Transformation™, a way of being called Being Quantum™, a healing process called Age Clearing™, his own reiki modality named Being Reiki™, an allergy elimination process called Quantum Allergy Release™, and now Lifeforce Awakening™.  

For many, he is their go to Emotional Freedom Master.


Over the course of 2 days, sessions include...

LifeForce Awakening™ Training

Discover how LifeForce Awakening™ really works by understanding the Quantum Principles that allow profound change to happen in just minutes. Understand how life force energy works and the cellular science behind this powerful energy. The science used as the backbone for Lifeforce Awakening™ has been developed by internationally recognized leader and best selling author, Bruce Lipton PhD and will be shared in this ground breaking certification workshop by Joshua Bloom to explain how transformation actually works. Experience the affects for how science meets spirit.  

Releasing Emotional Issues

Discover how LifeForce Awakening™ really works by understanding the Quantum Principles that allow profound change to happen in just minutes. Understand how life force energy works and the cellular science behind this powerful energy. The science used as the backbone for Lifeforce Awakening™ has been developed by internationally recognized leader and best selling author, Bruce Lipton PhD and will be shared in this ground breaking certification workshop by Joshua Bloom to explain how transformation actually works. Experience the affects for how science meets spirit.  

Energy Healing and Transformation  

Chakra healing, clearing and balancing are essential to good health, your energy and life force. They’re also a key factor in evolving your beingness. You’ll learn how to balance all of your chakras in just 2 minutes as if you had a full healing session. You’re also feel stronger, alive and relaxed at the same time. No need to perform a lengthy healing session. Experience a fast and easy healing in just a couple of minutes. You’ll also learn to heal your auric field just as speedy, in a way that keeps you energetically protected always. We’ll also delve into the experience of Selenite Crystal Healing as we run life force energy through the crystals to produce powerful transformation. Selenite is a quantum crystal that on it’s own produces energy movement in the body, simply by holding it. When we add LifeForce Awakening™ energy and principals, amazing magic happens when it comes to healing and transformation. A woman had an infected ingrown toenail and after using selenite with the LifeForce Awakening energy, her toe began to heal rapidly and was completely healed in 5 days. You’ll take these quantum principles to into surrogate, distance and remote healing and see how far you can take your transformation. Remember, you’re limitless.  

Quantum Model

Discover a model of healing that has no limits and allows for anything to become possible. You’ll gain a full understanding for how this model works and why it produces results that most people would consider to be impossible. Do you know what model are you working from? After this weekend, not only will you know what model you’re using, but you know how to choose the best model to get the results you want.  

The Model of LIfe™

If you have ever heard of the science discovered by Albert Einstein, then you might consider that everything is energy, whether it’s solid matter or waves of energy. Then you might take it a step farther to consider that there must be levels or a hierarchies of energy. Some energy would be at a low frequency while other energy would work at a high frequency. Then you’re only a hop, skip and a jump from considering that the different levels of energy hold different possibilities in the Quantum Field for you. Do you know what’s possible for you? Do you know what level you need to be at in order to reach your goals, heal your body or transform your life? Would it be helpful for you to know? ABSOLUTELY!! The Model of Life™ is your Transformation Map to the Chakra System. Discover this tool that every medical intuitive would love to get their hands on! Experience what’s waiting for you in the Quantum Field today! While working with a client imagine knowing what’s likely to be happening for them at their emotional, physical and energetic levels without them having to tell you. This model allows you to have conversations with yourself and your clients at a very high level that allows for transformation simply by using the model to engage with yourself and your clients.  


What I’m about to share with you is going to blow your mind! It will change the way you look at healing and transformation forever. When it comes to healing, we almost always look at the technique or strategy that we believe will get us the results we are looking for. We get distracted by these techniques: hand positions, scripts, symbols, protocols, steps, etc. We think that the techniques are what causes the change and will get us the outcome that we desire. That’s NOT how it works. The truth is, the technique and strategy level is a very low level of change. It’s what most, if not all healing programs offer. Not only will they stop you from getting the healing results you’re looking for, you’ll get frustrated, tired, and lose your desire to keep moving forward. I’ve been there, and more than likely so have you! I DON'T want that for you! You deserve better. What I want for you is to easily achieve the healing result you’re looking to have and live the life of your dreams. If you’ve ever felt STUCK, lost in the process or frustrated about poor healing results, it means that you’re working at the strategy level. When you work at the higher levels of energy you easily feel confident about reaching your goals, excited about your possibilities and feel like you’re in your personal power. At the higher levels of energy, you're not “FIXING” the problem as you would at the strategy level. Rather, you're taking your transformation to a higher level where you're shifting your identity, spiritual connection and purpose to become a person who no longer requires the problem. Instead of shifting at the low level of the problem itself, rather you’re shifting your beingness in the Quantum Field to shift your entire system: body, mind and spirit. This is what I call Whole Body Healing. The key is learning how to work at these higher levels so you can easily and efficiently resolve any issue. In order to become an amazing practitioner as well as heal yourself, it’s imperative that you learn this understanding. What you’ll learn in this program will be far beyond what’s taught in any other program. You will learn secrets that are not taught to medical or holistic healing practitioners. LifeForce™ Awakening™ is a brand new breakthrough in healing that will take your healing powers to a whole new level of possibility.  


I promise to show you a new way of healing, beingness and transformation that will help you achieve any outcome that you desire while helping you become emotionally free. You’re going to feel unstoppable in your life and as a practitioner.  

As a successful transformation coach for more than 20 years, I offer a “no nonsense,” and completely authentic approach to shifting your energy to help you create the outcomes you want and be confident, emotionally strong and excited about you, as a practitioner and in life.  

I invite you to consider your life, filled with excitement, joy, fun, and freedom! When you take this program, you will discover the “you” inside, that has it all. 

Have the life of your dreams and help others create the same. You’ll discover that these amazing possibilities do exist for you.  

This program is unlike any other program you have ever experienced. My authenticity and your experience will really go a long way toward you making dramatic changes that will allow you to move forward in leaps and bounds. It's like a gift to yourself that just keeps on giving.  

It’s worth everything to me that you succeed. So join me in helping you shift transform and awaken in the quantum field to become stronger, happier and fully alive in this more effective, transformative and life-altering program.

Here’s What Graduates Are Saying…

"It has been wonderful to meet you and all those who participated in creating such a fabulous event, and share the spirit of love and healing, which quantum energy and like minded friends – provide.  

There is a special energy frequency which bonds us together. 

I am grateful for all experiences, which helped me to expand more, to heal, and to learn about possibilities. 

I learned more about the ways of moving energy in the body.

 I am very grateful for the beautiful energy, and all the experiences I had during the time of the QET workshop."  

- Anna Gilbert, United States

“I find life much more enjoyable since I discovered and participated in your programs. Living in a Quantum way rather than in your head all the time is wonderful. Thank you again for the wonderful coaching you provided through your programs. Living in Quantum, out of my head and into my body has really changed my life. I am happier and healthier as stress doesn’t really play a part in my life anymore. 

I am allergy free! This is a big thing for me, as I suffered terribly with environmental allergies. My allergies were what drove me to your program. I have also helped several people release their allergies. I really like to live my life as an example and have helped people that have asked how I have become so calm and confident. " 

- Sheila Ross, United States

"Yesterday I listened to Joshua’s message with Eram Saeed and followed along with an energy exercise. I enjoyed it so much I practiced it again this morning on my own.

I noticed my energy today was through the roof. My clever ideas were on a roll. 

My appetite was cut in half and when I watched my guilty pleasure tv show instead of my usual relaxing on the couch I found myself exercising on the floor. 

I am SO blessed that I found Joshua, and what a great teacher ~ over the internet I received full instructions and incredible results. 


- Shirley Bass, United States


Good! ‘Cause I’m in the mood to help you transform your energy to help you have the freedom and excitement about the life you’ve always wanted!  

I know you’re busy! It’s my mission to help you transform your life in the quickest and easiest way possible. There’s NO need to turn your life upside down. With LifeForce Awakening™ there is NO healing Crisis, like you might find in other modalities and programs. You just feel better and better as you evolve into the best possible you. It’s a healing retreat for your soul. This program starts easy and stays easy through the entire weekend with advanced tools that promise to create profound results that go well beyond what you can imagine. You deserve to achieve your goals, have success and live your life in the most fantastic way! I want you to have a blast while becoming stronger, happier and more excited about life in this practitioner level program. I invite you to take on this challenge and become the best you possible! I’m rooting for you to win, and if I have something to do with it, YOU WILL!  


Get the early bird pricing and SAVE $300 within the next 7 days. For $1.36 a day, much less than your daily cup of coffee, it's well worth this small investment in your journey to emotional freedom. Make money by recouping your investment with your first client.

Your EARLY BIRD total investment is $797 $497 for the entire weekend of connecting and networking with like-minded people filled with transformation and awakening. It’s like a retreat for your soul. Be the first to experience LifeForce Awakening™. Not only will you be learning and transforming yourself, you’ll be connecting with other energy workers, perhaps even making friends for life. 


You don’t want to regret it later. This LIVE event is happening, and if you want results, it’s the right time and place to get them. You came to this page for a reason, didn’t you? Everything happens for a reason. I suspect it’s so you can go to the next level in your evolution.  

“It’s so meaningful for me to help you in this amazing way. Allow me to be your guide in this new Quantum World. How exciting! It will be like magic for us to take this journey together. So join me today!” — Joshua Bloom.  

If you are ready to take your body, mind and spirit to the next level, then together we can create something special, more effective and transformational. I can’t wait to meet and engage with you in the most powerful way, using life force energy in the Quantum Field to help you awaken to new possibilities.  

Get the early bird pricing and SAVE $300 within the next 7 days

Got questions? Give us a call! We'd love to chat with you! 1 (201) 360-2059 

 Due to the Nature of this Offering, there will be no refunds. All Sales are final.